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Proven Off-Page SEO Techniques That Can Impact your Rankings In 2019

Search engine optimization involves a lot of activities. While a lot of SEO initiatives are local to the site itself, there are also numerous efforts that should be taken off-page. These essential off-page SEO techniques should not be taken lightly as they have a significant impact on your rankings.

This guide will help you understand off-page search engine optimization, and what kind of actions you can take that can help boost your rankings this year.…


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How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Link Building Mistakes

Considering the number of websites out there that tell you link building is a “must do” in terms of achieving high rankings in the search engines, it's no wonder that so many new webmasters run out and begin creating as many links as possible, as fast as they can.

But hold your horses! Building the wrong types of backlinks – or even building them too quickly – could trigger an over-optimization penalty by the search engines. This is because the search engines value “natural” above all…


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What Are Backlinks and How to Build Them for Free

First of all, it’s necessary to sort out “what is a backlink”. There is no need to explain everything in detail. The main thing to understand is what it is for and how it works. A backlink is a kind of Internet manipulator. It links one particular site with other external websites which contain links to this site. In other words, when you visit external sites they will lead you to that particular site. Backlinks are used for SEO purposes to optimize a website in a proper…


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Top ranking signals you need to optimize for in 2019

It’s a well-known fact that there are over 200 ranking signals used by Google. And every year it keeps on tweaking and refining its algorithm introducing new ranking signals and changing priorities.

I know that the idea of having to optimize for all of them will probably make you shiver with horror. The good news is there are not so many ranking signals optimizing for which is simply a must.…


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How to Build High Quality Backlinks in a Scalable Way

They’re not! Link building used to be simple: you would go out there, write a bunch of articles, submit them to an article submission site and get an external link back to your site.

That doesn’t work in the post-Penguin era where this could get you a high PR (page rank). While the right inbound website link can grow your Google rankings, revenue, and brand, the wrong ones can get your site penalized. And, you never know what Google will do next.

For example, many people relied…


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Types Of Search Engine Success Factors

Those two-letter acronyms you see on the chart above? That’s our play on the periodic table of elements and the letter representations, or symbol, of each element. You may have had to remember that the symbol for gold was Au or that iron’s was Fe.

In the Periodic Table of SEO, we’ve tried to make it slightly more intuitive. The first letter of each “SEO element” comes from the subgroup that it’s in, and the second letter stands for the individual factor.

SEO factors work in…


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Highly Effective Off-Page SEO Strategies

If you run a Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 company, you can’t afford to leave off-page SEO out of your marketing strategy. Off-page factors are critical for building trust and authority to your domain, and those signals can help your content rank higher in organic search results.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a global retailer or a financial services giant, when you’re operating at scale you must invest in enterprise SEO.

Let’s be honest, as a large company with a massive marketing…


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EASY Link Building Strategies (That ANYONE Can Use)

Link building isn’t easy. It’s freakin’ hard. Which is why most people struggle to build needle‐moving links to their site, regardless of the tactic they use.

Sound like you? You’re in the right place.

This article DOESN’T list out a bazillion link building strategies.

What I’ll show you instead is a handful of tactics that WORK. Tactics that are EASY to replicate for YOUR website. Tactics that bring needle‐moving links, which, in turn, drive traffic to and increase revenue…


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Intact Link Building Strategies for SEO Professionals

No matter how much criticism goes towards ink building it still remains one of the most vital and useful approach at increasing more traffic and getting success at rankings higher. There are some tips on link building techniques. Whether you start from the scratch or you want to increase your link profile you will still meet lots of issues and disputes about link mattes.

If you pay much attention to link building today it includes a bunch of useful practices that will give you a…


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Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors to Monitor in 2019

Search engine optimization (SEO) is undeniably a foundational element of digital marketing. Most, if not all, efforts in digital marketing are geared toward ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs), most especially on Google. There are 200 known ranking factors that Google uses to rank web content. While these ranking factors are not officially confirmed by Google, they’re still worth noting for marketers in order to boost digital marketing efforts.

As the new year unfolds,…


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SEO Best Practices for Internal Linking in B2B Websites

At KoMarketing we strongly believe SEO is most effective when educating client marketing teams in addition to providing impactful recommendations and tactics. Because content marketing is a typical area we implement SEO tactics, working alongside our client’s content marketing team is also common practice.

Recently one of our client contacts asked for more guidance on the SEO best practices they should consider when linking internally between web pages. There was confusion as to why…


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Which are the best sites for Blog Submission in SEO?

More and more companies are taking the content marketing plunge and choosing to start a blog. It’s growing so fast, that 77% of companies increased their content production in 2015.

But the increase in competition has resulted in a crowded blog content marketing landscape. Most company blogs manage to get only a trickle of traffic every year.…


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Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page

When it comes to on-page SEO, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about meta tags and keyword density for one lifetime.

If you’re looking for some practical strategies that you can use on your site today, then you’ll love this infographic.

It’s a simple checklist that will bring in more search engine traffic from every piece of content that you publish:…


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Top SEO Ranking Factors, Trends, & Strategies to Rank 1 on Google Search

What SEO factors go Google’s search algorithm so that they decide who to rank… and how will these Google search trends evolve so that your SEO strategies can continue to be relevant?

These are questions that every website owner has asked. And there’s plenty of debate about which will rank your websites higher, organically, on Google. In this article, we focus on what matters the most for you.

Vail Networks will answer all of the above questions and more, within this article on…


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How Structured data becomes more important

With the evolution of SERPs, Google is accessing more and more data material. Today, Google is also able to create its own meaningful meta-descriptions from existing content. In addition, the search engine giant uses structured data to create rich snippets. Since the available space has become smaller due to a change in the arrangement of the advertisements, you should make sure to create eye-catching snippets.…


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Essential SEO Blog Tips You Must Follow To Rank

The preparation you put in before you write your article will determine how successful it is. If you cut corners, your article will fall flat.

If you put in the time to prepare everything, though, you’re setting yourself up for success. And you really need to put in that time, because this is the current landscape of search engines.


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SEO Techniques To Rank On The First Page – 2019 Edition

Want to make your post-keyword-targeted, SEO-optimized, and ready to drive more traffic?

Would you like to make it easier for search engines to understand what keyword(s) your blog should rank for?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you are about to learn the secrets of making your blog post keyword-targeted.

When it comes to optimizing a website or a blog post, there are two main factors at play:

  1. On-page optimization
  2. Off-page…

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Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Google Rankings

Top rankings are a pinnacle of online business success.

According to a study by Infront Webworks, the first page of Google receives 95 percent of web traffic, with subsequent pages receiving 5 percent or less of total traffic.

I’ve talked to a lot of business owners and managers – newbies and veterans – who have gone crazy trying to unlock the secrets of how to improve Google ranking and performance without incurring penalties.

I was 16 years old when I entered the world…


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Tips to get quality backlinks to your website

Internal links are most useful for establishing site architecture and spreading link equity (URLs are also essential). For this reason, this section is about building an SEO-friendly site architecture with internal links.

On an individual page, search engines need to see content in order to list pages in their massive keyword–based indices. They also need to have access to a crawlable link structure—a structure that lets spiders browse the pathways of a website—in order to find all of…


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Advanced SEO Techniques to Improve Your Search Rankings in 2019

For a long time, SEO experts have stressed the importance of the quality of content that you are posting. There is no doubt that it is one of the most essential factors to improve your search rankings. However, you cannot completely ignore content length.

In-depth blog posts that seek to cover a particular topic exhaustively can help you get better search rankings. To understand the exact correlation between length of content and it’s rankings, Backlinko conducted a study. In…


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