5 Star Rio Resort Activation Code [key]

5 Star Rio Resort Activation Code [key]

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About This Game

Lucy, a hotel tycoon's daughter, finally gets her chance to prove that she's a worthy heiress to the family's real-estate empire. Now she has to build her own 5 star hotel resort on a shoestring budget. Will Lucy live up to her family's expectations?

Help Lucy in this colourful Match 3 game to get her 5 stars and enjoy pure holiday feeling. On the beach and beneath the palm trees many engaging tasks and exciting challenges await you. Earn extra cash in Match 3 levels and Solitaire mini games to make the holiday resort of your dreams come true.

Experience all the magic of the South Seas and create the perfect holiday destination.


  • Enjoy that special holiday feeling
  • Help a young hotel manager build a premium luxury hotel (20 buildings and facilities such as hotel, bars, cafés, chillout area, pool, wellness and fitness centre, cinema etc.)
  • Research and create new helpful power-ups
  • Hand-drawn HD graphics
  • Solitaire mini games for even more variety
  • 96 challenging levels

Title: 5 Star Rio Resort
Genre: Casual
Release Date: 30 Jun, 2017


If you enjoy match 3 games this will gives you tons of hours of enjoyment. 96 levels with powerups to use.

Some levels are VERY hard to get 3 stars, but be aware if you don't use a powerup from a previous level you bring it to the next, so you can go back and grind for powerups to bring to a tough level.

Level 94 is impossible without saved powerups.. Love, love love this game!!!

Challenge + cuteness + atmosphere + nice music + pretty colors = a darn good time.. I liked this game and had fun playing it, but bear in mind there are no achievements. Not just no Steam achievements, but there are none in the game itself -- no badges\/trophies\/etc. That made it hard to feel motivated to get perfect score on everything. But still, fun game.. As far as developing a Match 3 style game, it seems as if the formula has been pretty much "solved" for this genre as this, plus most of the creditable rest, follow the usual mechanics and the usual gameplay principles. (See Button Tales and T-Kara for a few that dare to break the mould.)

As a test, It's very straightfoward when it comes to judging such a game: (1) pick a decent theme with child-friendly graphics; (2) create absorbing explosions that go squelch, crackle and pop in the most satisfying ways possible; (3) gradually drip-feed the different mechanics and power-ups to the player, and (4) create a carrot and stick progression system that keeps the player coming back for more.

Despite the inclusion of mini-games which, as another reviewer pointed out, are totally bland and a monumental waste of time... 5-Star Rio Resort's base match 3 game ticks all the boxes above and basically smashes it 100%. As such, with its bright and sunny aesthetic plus it's tolerably suitable soundtrack, it's a solid recommendation from yours truly.

For a full list of my Top 20 Match 3 games, plus hundreds of reviews of indie titles please follow or check out my website through my curator page at:
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