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8-Bit Commando is a run and gun platformer with fast-paced action, a rocking soundtrack (from the chiptunes artist Ozzed), local multiplayer and explosions. The graphics wi 5d3b920ae0

Title: 8-Bit Commando
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 27 Jul, 2011


  • OS: Windows Vista+
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 5


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8-Bit Command is a horrible little game where your primary source of death isn't enemy fire, but rather cheap instant kill pits and traps that you simply cannot avoid. Also because the game doesn't see fit to lock your controls while firing, much less give you the option to do so, firing at an angle is more than likely to send you charging off into a pit to your death, especially during bosses, which nearly all have said instant death pits. The weapon system makes no sense; given no actual choice, you randomly can go from your weak default weapon to a laser gun, a homing missile launcher or a machine gun, and all the while not a single one seems to be stronger than any other. The only one that seems to have any significant power behind it is what appears to be a grenade launcher, but even that is rare that it may as well not even exist in the game. The music, of which you will be hearing over and over due to the cheap deaths slowly drills its way into your mind, grinding your will to live down until the sound of a tortured cat would be preferable. Or maybe the sound of a cat being tortured as rendered through a Sega SG-1000. Either would be better than this, which seems to be babies first attempt at making 8-bit sounding music. An overall bland looking, incredibly irritating to the ears game with no redeeming value other than it was cheap. But even then, I spent 3.50 USD too much for this thing.. To be honest, I dont really understand all of the negative feedback this game gets. It really isnt as bad as everyone makes it out to be. If you are a fan of Contra and Super C on the NES then this is more of a modern take on the classic design. I say, for the price, it is well worth a look.. Decent at best. Another badly designed retro shooter.. We wanted the best, you know the rest. A Contra look-alike, that does not stand to its predecessor. But is it THAT bad? Let's find out! The game greets you with a nice soundrack and pretty good 8-bit graphics. Unfortunately the gameplay is ruined by bad controls especially in terms of jumping. And when you can't land on a platform becouse of ed up controls - you know that this game has an issue. A prefect run can be ruined by a single jump and then it's back to the beggining or nearest check point (THANKS GOD FOR THAT). Also this game has a TIMER. And when such slow-paste game makes you rush the level becouse of the mistakes you made before - it doesnt't help the situation at all. At least it has decent multiplayer. What else do we have in this game? Ah! The WEAPONS. There's quite a variety of weapons in this game: machineguns, lasers, flamethrowers etc. But if you want to at least have a chance to finish the mission you need a ROCKET LAUNCHER. Because of its wonky controls you will find it difficult to make precision jump evading enemy fire and trying to kill enemies at the same time. For situations like this you take the ROCKET LAUNCHER! HELL YEAH! Nice damage and homing rockets, thats all you need to know. Bosses are also pretty good i guess. Also i find them easier than the main level. Did i mention GET THE ROCKET LAUNCHER? Let me spell it out for all of you guys for the last time: GET THE ROCKET LAUNCHER The game is pretty cheap so retro-gamers should give it a shot. 610 P.S. Also this game has the almighty trading cards. I can't believe i spent so much time on this game.. This is a poorman's Contra. Controls are bad, very bad. Game doesn't work well with alt-tabbing. The coop features get in the way of single-player. If you're like me, you leave your gamepads plugged in even when you're not using them just to make sure they're charged. This game assumes I have some couch coop buddies just because I have those controllers plugged in. Because of this, I was unable to use the gamepad for player 1, which isn't a big deal, really, just not ideal. The game could use a better UI design with better controls settings and multiplayer drop-in-and-drop-out. Overall, this game ended up only being played for the trading cards and nothing more.. I am not sure if I played this a long time back when I got it in an indie bundle, but if it was the same game, this has changed a lot. It isn't a bad game, though Oniken is a much better game. If you are wanting a game in this genre, I would personally go with Oniken instead. That aside, I dig the NES graphics style, the music isn't the best, but it is passing IMO It suffers from the same issue I have with a lot of these 8 directional games, where on my 360 controller it constantly wants to walk forward when I wanted to shoot diagonally while standing still. I blame the joystick on the controller, but it is a common gripe of mine when playing this style of game on a 360 controller. It just isn't the same as the old school NES controllers, or an actual arcade stick. It is a very short game, I don't mind that, most NES games were pretty short. The challenge was in finishing each level. Will I finish this game. IDK, probably not. I own far too many titles to stick with this one. But I don't have many reasons to say it is not worth someone else's time.. Tries to live up to Contra, but falls short. The levels just aren't very entertaining.. Sluggy, uninteresting and probably copy pasted together by some kids into Contra and Megaman on the NES, this game hardly tries to have its own atmosphere or mechanics. Weapons, other than the assault rifle are rather useless and the only challenge here comes from "bullet hell" situations where there's plenty of projectiles being shot at you from different angles. I thought the nostalgic value would at least tide me over but this game is like a hack of a Chinese bootleg contra, and NOT in a good way unfortunately. The graphics are bland and the animations are simplistic. Although to be fair, they do their jobs alright. Spend your money on something with a little more character. This plays like a free flash fan project you'd find in some obscure Chinese website. You can finish it in less than an hour. Cool soundtrack though.. I were suggested this game is like Contra, but they were wrong. As i played it, this game does not even made it as a platformer, so this is not definitely like Contra. 8-Bit Commando tries to emulate the gameplay of the already mentioned game series Contra, using a side-scrolling based game (the only thing that remains so far faithful to the game), trying to deliver a "fast-paced action", meaning that you wont' have big challenges to face during your adventure in 8-Bit Commando, because of the few enemies and the few dangers to avoid for not getting killed. Resolution configuration is badly done, as increasing it may strangely enlarge the vision of the area around you. I'm not really expert in this genre of games, but as a customer i don't find this game enjoyable and, compared to other games of this genre, really bad. Surely not worth 4, and probably not even in a bundle.

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