Top 10 Ways to Get Your App Featured in the App Store


Last year, the Apple App Store was entirely redesigned. While the App Store’s design foundation will remain the same, you can expect to see changes in the native app discovery funnel with yesterday’s release of iOS 12. With a more personalized app marketing framework in place, taking steps to be featured may be more important than ever. 

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The App Store launched 10 years ago. Apps have made the iPhone what it is today, and users wouldn’t find the device as valuable without them. In a decade, the App Store has redefined the way we live: it’s enabled countless new businesses, created millions of jobs and generated entirely new industries. As of this year, the App Store draws in more than 500 million weekly users. Apple makes billions of dollars from the App Store thanks to the mobile app development industry and for this reason, Apple strives to maintain a healthy relationship with developers by acknowledging quality products and featuring their work.

How Will The New iOS 12 Updates Affect Your Chances of Being Featured?

The iOS 11 redesign made apps easier to discover. The iOS 12 update makes discoverability personalized.

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Store Maven data shows the App Store drives 50% of app installs. Of that, 21% of app installs come from users who discover mobile apps through a featured App Store placement. Naturally, landing a featured spot in the App Store is a boon for conversions, but an added element of personalization drives downloads further.

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