China Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filter

1, the fixed vacuum box is used, the tape moves on the vacuum box and forms the structural form of the motion seal with the vacuum box. The sealed water is used as a lubricant and as a coolant, which can form an effective vacuum seal.
2. In the way of belt support, rolling roller support can reduce the friction resistance of belt running and increase the service life of adhesive tape.
3. In the overall structure, modular detachable frame structure is adopted to ensure the installation, maintenance and equipment maintenance of the ring belt.
4, to achieve a real sense of continuous filtration, materials from the continuous vacuum state of feed, dehydration and washing.
5. The rubber belt vacuum filter is the solid liquid separation equipment with the highest filtration efficiency, the largest production capacity, the best washing effect and the simplest operation in the vacuum filter series.

China Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filter

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