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Original Title: Warriors: Into The Wild: The Movie

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Family,Fantasy
































This is a fan film adaption of the story of Rusty, a kitten of whom ventures beyond his home and discovers the four warriors clans. Join him on his adventure of friendship, loyalty, strength, and hope as he meets new friends and encounters dangerous enemies along the way.
A fan movie based upon the first Warriors book, Into The Wild.
I'm finally back to reviewing movies! Today, I will be reviewing a movie I was in, the YT adaptation of Warriors: Into The Wild made by sister team Rachel and Lillie on the channel Pinkbunnygirl43. A year ago, I voiced Thornkit in the movie at 13, but I will keep this review as unbiased as possible, and in my opinion, this was certainly one of the best LPS films I've ever seen.

First off, the visuals. The negative will be said first to get it out of the way. Fingers are unfortunately in the shot, and the fingers, along with the sparkly, colored fingernails may cover the cats' heads in some shots and/or be distracting to the audience. Some people may not be fond of the LPS figurines either. However, positively, they are BEAUTIFULLY painted, the backgrounds used are GORGEOUS, and the effects are amazing, especially for a YT movie. Those familiar with LPS and the videos will be able to overlook the bad things more easily, though others can too.

Second of all, the writing. It stays VERY close to the original novel by Erin Hunter in 2003, with only minor changes. Of course, it is abridged to keep a 2 hour 30 minute runtime, but this is understandable, and pulled off VERY well, as it may seem no different if someone hasn't read the book, along with some nice additions and edits to the story.

Third and last of all, the audio. The music is well-placed, despite being royalty-free, and seems like it was made for the movie itself. As for voice acting, sorry if I sound biased, but I believe that all of the voice actors/actresses were wonderful. I'm not sure how I sounded, as I only had a few lines and was young at the time, but the others were AMAZING, and are now my only true canonical voices for the story itself. While some audio is low quality, this can be handled as long as you aren't overly picky.

Therefore, I give this movie a 10/10. It is a must see YT film and the only completed Into The Wild movie on YouTube, along with the best one, completed or not completed, so far.

Final Rating:


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