HUBLOT Masterpiece MP-05 LAFERRARI TITANIUM watch Replica 905.NX.0001.RX

Compared to the dial and its many shiny, contrasting, and troublesome components, all of this is pale and powerless. This is where the Ulysse Nardin swiss movement replica watches Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel really stands out. A lot of things seem self-evident at first glance - but the more you know, the more you understand that you don't actually know much. There are signs that you can get hours and minutes in the middle, represented by two very large and very bold hands that never stand out on the dial - other problems I have experienced in legibility, but later many.

You can also get a one-minute tourbillon at 6 o'clock on the dial; this is not a hacker so you can't really use it as a second indicator, but if you really want to time it in a minute, it will still give you A rough idea. Last but not least, the dial has a power reserve indicator at 4 o'clock, just like the tourbillon, which stands there without any obvious connection to any moving parts.

The latter feature, that is, the free availability of these components, greatly increases the overall look and impression of these components, as well as the entire watch itself. We've seen countless flying tourbillons and more power reserve indicators, but they just stick out a dial like this and show them in a whole new way. The tourbillon includes Ulysse Nardin's non-lubricating silicon material for the escapement - the escape wheel, the pallet fork and its spider web structure.

“The gear train on the left side of the watch, between 8 and 10 o'clock, is a so-called “differential” and “separator” gear system. It is used to read from two [mainspring] barrels. Take the rotation information (in and out) and reduce the speed to produce the correct angle of rotation towards the power reserve indicator. The power reserve indicator is therefore located at 4 o'clock and is driven by the double jaw element below the dial, close to the tourbillon area. The gear train [the gear train on the left side of the dial] consists of a three-stage double planetary pinion, allowing the 40-turn barrel to be converted to a 270-degree power reserve indicator. Just like the energy transfer from the dial below the dial to the dial, this The wonderful movement is a tribute to the “mysterious clock.” This is the basic concept behind all of this. The “best” element in the movement is displayed through our Ulysse Anchor escapement – ​​the barrel, the separator gear The system, power reserve indicator and tourbillon - is a superb combination of craftsmanship and aesthetics for this high-end best replica watches .

The following is a detailed description of the left component group mentioned by Stéphane in the comments. This is a differential and demultiplexer, a three-level component group, basically a mechanical device that divides 40 into 0.75. This is the 3/4 turn of the main barrel 30 to the power reserve indicator. Better - I do need a magnifying glass and proper macro photography to determine this - all components are beautifully finished. I am almost there! The deceived person thinks that there is really nothing to watch here, unless you have really good myopia, this is more or less true. But with a high quality magnifying glass or some macro lenses and boys, your experience will change dramatically. I can't really describe how thin the bevels on the arms of these wheels are, or even how thin the mirrors are polished on their top surface - but it's really top-level work, just smaller than we are on plates and bridges and larger What I saw on the wheel. The top of the boomerang bridge has a matte finish, but the edges are still polished - with dark screws and shiny surfaces nearby, which undoubtedly has a high-end look.

Understandably, the sapphire cap of the side view watch is also very cool. The three-dimensionality of high-end watches is often underestimated, or worse still still completely ignored. Here, you can at least get a better understanding of what is going on and the Ulysse Nardin team's work to make these beautiful wheels a must-have (very pleasant) challenge. At the top of the work on complexity and refinement, I think we will never see something more affordable for price segmentation - it will always remain in figures of more than five digits. Because unlike many other high-end and novel solutions, improvements to the concept of economic size do not bode well. Not complaining, just watching.

The dial has an interesting gazillion-hole pattern - if you have trypophobia, you probably don't want to use a magnifying glass to look at it for too long. Frankly, this model I can accept or leave it. It doesn't make me feel any way, but beyond that, I can appreciate the challenge of finding textures that complement other designs without affecting their appearance or overwhelming the overall beauty of the watch. The rose gold version of the replica Ulysse Nardin Executive tourbillon has a solid dial, slate or earth-like texture. I prefer this, but it's really just a personal preference.

As I have already mentioned, the hand is very large. They even have a little black stream in the center. As lume, unless you go from the brightest summer noon to the darkest room outdoors, it's absolutely worthless, but they do a great job, allowing your hands to stand out in the super busy background of black and white, shiny and matte surfaces. . See the surface scattered on the free wheel of the administrative tourbillon. The size of the hand also tells me that this is a powerful sport that can move these beasts all day long.

Speaking of the movement, the Ulysse Nardin UN-176 movement is designed in-house according to the manufacturer. It has a 170-hour power reserve and runs at 18,000 vph, which is slow, so you can really see the tourbillon breathing. Let's see what can be seen on the back of its case.

As I mentioned above, the back of the case is slightly outward, but is clearly outward toward the wrist. Its heavy sapphire crystal has a smooth surface and seamlessly blends with the white gold frame. Interestingly, although the original release file called it “nothing to see”, this side of the Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel is actually very exciting! You'll find some absolutely huge jewels that give you an idea of ​​the layout of some of the parts hidden on the dial. I especially like the small circular incision. At 6 o'clock, I can see a small and large wheel merge - this is the tourbillon to get its drive, you will see a more careful image just below. In the upper part of the back of the case, visible through a similar incision,

The texture of the slab covers all the backs of the watch, so it fills the entire back of the watch, just like small concrete. It shows its dense and tough texture under the direct glare of the light, and in soft light (as shown above), it looks soft and easy to see on the eyes. A vague detail is the tiny "Ulysse Nardin Certified", and once you see its logo, a lonely pine standing on a star above a bright planet, it will become more chaotic. I don't know what it means today. I suspect it will be easier after a hundred years from now - when we all disappear, this watch will still appear, dazzling, and amazing is that mechanical watchmaking is So awesome at the beginning of the 21st century. I think this is cool.Ulysse Nardin Exo-Skeleton X 3713-260/OW

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