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About This Game

Alcornagia, a damaged world plagued by warfare and engulfed in darkness is dying. The only hope for it's restoration is a legendary gem called the Solenars Edge, created fr 5d3b920ae0

Title: Solenars Edge Rebirth
Genre: Indie, RPG
Team Syukino
Team Syukino
Solenars Edge
Release Date: 1 Aug, 2017


  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Processor: 2.0 Ghz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP
  • Memory:


solenars edge rebirth

This game is on the top spot in my hit list.for the most boring game ever. Not only is the story more than a little confusing.but oh my god even back in the 80's the graphic is just meh. Large blocks of nothing.if I remeber the first part right the *king* has no house or castle he was on top of a stairway. Most houses are just well large blocks you can't enter. Outside its not getting better. Small pathways surrounded by a green screen. Oh, but you can walk through (some) walls and shorten your way. Yes, there are some minigames (and some of them comes without explanation). No, sorry I played this for over 2 hours and thats enough.. This was. remarkably bad. Like, top-tier garbage in my experience. The game moves a mile a minute, introducing and killing characters within a minute of meeting them. Combat has no difficulty at all. The most recent addition to my party in the prequel, who joined for no reason whatsoever, literally one-shotted the final boss, and then kept attacking his corpse for awhile. There are mini-games scattered around with no explanation of what the heck you're actually supposed to do. The videos suggest the game opens up later on, but honestly, I can't suffer through the beginning. It doesn't feel like a game. It doesn't even feel like an early access game. It feels like a testing ground in RPGmaker. The English is pretty bad too. Numerous grammatical errors and the dialogue itself is cheesy and cliche' as all heck. And somehow it was deemed appropriate for major events to be stuffed into pure text against a black screen rather than actually animating it. Thumbs way, way down.. Very long story with lots of content for an RPG maker game, great music.. This reminds me of SNES games. If you have memories of the games in those days, you will be able to play this game happily. Of course, players who are not accustomed to this genre will also be able to try this game if the price discount for this game is in progress. The game has some awkward parts, but it does not ruin the game. In addition, there is a pleasant twist with the classic JRPG style. Team Syukino has shown enough potential through this game. We are looking forward to their next project too.. Solenars Edge Rebirth is the kind of game that makes you wonder what is going to happen next and has some fantastic fighting music, not to mention the looot of characters that you are going to have a hard time on deciding who you like more! Good humour and some very frustrating moments. The combat can sometimes be a little to long imo but then again I'm fairly new to RPGs so I don't know. I'm pretty sure without the advice and help I got I would have had a much harder time. --> never forget to buy weapons and armor and SAVE! (For the love of god, do not enter hell, as tempting as it might be) Also Solen is the worst character ever and everyone who likes him doesn't know whats good.. Classical RPG created on the RPG Maker, but why it should be purchased? It's great for starting an introduction to the genre, because the game is simple, and there are no difficult and illogical moments. History and the plot are transparent, and it is interesting to observe their progress. The world is very well developed, many NPCs with which you can interact, a lot of side quests that do not force you to grind.. It's alright

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