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Spriter makes it easy for anyone, regardless of experience, to create 2D game animations using a technique called Modular Animation.

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Title: Spriter Pro
Genre: Animation & Modeling, Design & Illustration, Utilities
Release Date: 14 Nov, 2014


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor


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I bought this thinking it would work with GameMaker, you know, maybe the 2nd most popular game creation tool after Unity, but nope, you can get a buggy addon that gives you randomly working projects or not. It's frustrating as I'm sure it would be a great tool but it's lack of support across the platforms worries me, Spine2d supports everything, I understand it's a smaller team but for 45 you would expect it to work with common game creation tools.. A simple and easy to use program. It is not the best animation software in the universe, it has its flaws, but it's totally worth the price.. This software is great for Game Development, and even full on animations like youtube videos.. If I'm being honest, I feel as though I've wasted my money on this program. I'd hoped that the bugs and where it lacks would be fixed by buying the pro version, but that wasn't the case. In reality, I encounter bugs anywhere and everywhere in this program, rendering its functionality sort of on the low side. The one advantage I find is its smooth tweening, and that's about it.. Pretty cool package. If you are doing games like Metroid, and you want to make big bosses out of multiple rotating sprites, then this is the application for you. Blender is still better for most of my animation needs, this package is only really useful if you are making multi-sprite animations.. Great tool - I got it for $12 as a part of a Humble Bundle but well worth the full price. I'm using it for a top-down game and it makes animations so much easier.

New content coming soon for RPG Art Pack! : Hi everyone, We're pleased to announce we've just completed the additional content for the RPG Heroes Art Pack. This means the current early adopter half off sales price will end on April 8th! There are 2 weeks left to grab this robust RPG pack while it's heavily discounted. Aside from many new art elements to drastically increase the number of possible character design configurations (listed in more detail below), we're also able to announce the addition of several new animations: A fully tweened, subtle breathing/idle animation for the large character portrait for dialogues scenes etc, complete with a blinking version. A damaged image for when characters are unconscious (compatible with RPG Maker MV) for all 3 sprite sizes. A breathing (and blinking) idle animation for all 4 walking directions for all 3 sprite sizes. An activate animation for when characters open treasure chests or flip levers or switches for all directions for all 3 sprite sizes. For current owners of the Steam version of the Pack, the files will be updated automatically in roughly one week (around Friday April 1st ), and the update introduces some visual improvements for specific elements to increase cross-compatibility with other elements, so be sure to back up your current version of the Art Pack locally before the update to ensure you can use the older version if needed to keep the exact look of characters you'd previously created. Similarly, for people who already own the non-Steam version, be sure to back up the current version in case you want to revert back to it to maintain the exact look for character's you've already created. Here is the list of new art elements: 54 New skin tones to drastically increase the possible number of custom characters. A new cape style option for both male and female characters for all 3 sprite sizes. A new head scar option for the female character for the portrait and all 3 sprite sizes. Several new hair-style options for the female character for the portrait and all 3 sprite sizes. Several more nose options for the female character. 2 New eye and eyebrow options for the female character. A new horned helmet for the female character for the portrait and all 3 sprite sizes. 2 new hairstyle options for the male character for the portrait and all 3 sprite sizes. 3 new eye options for the male character. More eyebrow options for the male character. 2 more mouth options for male characters.. Spriter Official Reference Implementations and Other Big News : Hi everyone, We're pleased to announce that at long last the wait for a fully featured and officially supported reference implementation for Spriter is at and end. The first two languages to receive officially supported, feature complete implementations are C# [brashmonkey.com] and C++. The C++ implementation is being created by myself, and should be ready for public testing in the very near future. For the C# implementation, we'd like to give a huge thanks to community member Loodakrawa for having created it, and for working with us to make it totally feature complete, officially supported C# reference implementation [brashmonkey.com] . Loodakrawa was also nice enough to agree (and take the necessary steps) to change it's license to the zlib license [opensource.org] , which is among the most permissive licenses available. This is the license all officially supported Spriter implementations will be released under. We encourage anyone who wants to port either implementation (or future released implementations) under the same license. Summary from Wikipedia [en.wikipedia.org] : The license only has the following points to be accounted for: Software is used on 'as-is' basis. Authors are not liable for any damages arising from its use. The distribution of a modified version of the software is subject to the following restrictions: The authorship of the original software must not be misrepresented, Altered source versions must not be misrepresented as being the original software, and The license notice must not be removed from source distributions. The license does not require source codeto be made available if distributing binary code. It should be very easy to port to any language of your choice with a simple copy/paste, and edit. Also, these will be easy to adapt to any game engine or authoring tool (There is an example in the C# implementation working in Monogame). Shortly after the release of the C++ implementation, we'll be working to port one of the two implementation to JavaScript. We're also pleased to announce we'll be working with the folks at ClickTeam to make sure Spriter is fully supported in their latest authoring system - Fusion 3 (not yet released). Similarly, we'll be working with Enterbrain, the creators of RPG Maker, to add Spriter support to their upcoming RPG Maker MV, which is already available for pre-order. Once these initial reference implementations are fully tested we'll also be contacting and working with the developers of as many popular authoring systems as possible to get full Spriter support ported to their respective packages as soon as possible, so please dive in and give these implementations a test spin. Please report any bugs with the C# version to Loodakrawa's thread. The sooner we make sure they're rock solid, the sooner full Spriter support becomes commonplace for all game developers. This is currently our top priority. In addition to this, we will be starting a thread in the near future of all ports, either complete or in the works. We will of course post any that we are directly involved with, but we encourage you to post in that thread to let us know if you're creating a port, or if it's already complete. While the community is helping us to test and perfect these current reference implementations, we'll be working on a Spriter update build, which will hopefully increase compatibility (most notably we'll be attempting to resolved issues with Retina Displays and Wacom input devices) as well as resolve some known bugs. As always, we greatly appreciate and are humbled by your patience and support during the long delay in meeting this critical milestone. Once this testing is complete, getting full Spriter support for any particular language or authoring system should be much easier and faster, even trivial. In the mean time, we definitely owe you an explanation for why the full implementation took so long: Our initial intent was to not only create a reference implementation which would support all of Spriter's current features, but which would also have the flexibility to support the substantial amount of future features we already have planned. Of course, the attempt to meet these goals necessitated fleshing out the requirements and nuances of the planned features, and taking time to make sure the structure of the reference implementation would leave the room and flexibility to easily incorporate them when the time came. This lead to a sort of tug of war, between the potential power and flexibility of the new features, the development time to finish the first release of the reference implementation, and the limits imposed by what the current Spriter data structure could accommodate. While grueling and time consuming, there was steady progress in many aspects of feature design, data handling routines, etc. The concepts and possibilities we discovered during this process were encouraging enough to postpone our eventual realization that unless we tweaked our approach and our actual goal, we'd be making too great a compromise, both imposing too long a wait on our users for support of the current features, and too great a compromise on the future flexibility of Spriter - with truncated versions of our new and powerful concepts shoehorned into compatibility with the current data structure. We realized the only reasonable thing to do was to break this initial goal into three separate goals, so that milestones useful to Spriter users could be reached much more quickly: Get support for all current Spriter features publicly released and available for all Spriter users ASAP. While this support is getting ported to as many languages and authoring systems as quickly as possible, work on an update build of Spriter, increasing compatibility and resolving as many known issues as possible. We'll also take this opportunity to add a couple of simple features specifically geared to improving work-flow. Once the update build(s) improve the current iteration of Spriter, we'll shift our focus back towards continuing where development of the future proof, uncompromising Spriter engine and data format left off. We've already made significant progress on this new core. It's a completely new design, and will be the foundation upon which we will build a new and improved Spriter, with a much more powerful and flexible feature-set. And with that, we'd like to announce our plans to develop Spriter 2. We can't disclose too much information about it or it's new features yet, but we can tell you that Spriter 2 Pro will be a free upgrade to all current Spriter Pro users. We will reveal more as things develop.. Spriter 2 Teaser!!! : If you already own Spriter Pro, don't worry, you will automatically be getting Spriter 2 as a free upgrade so you do not need to pre-order or make any additional purchases. Please help spread the word by liking and sharing this video and our posts on social media.. Spriter implementations now available for C++, C#, JavaScript, Unity, Construct 2, and MonoGame : Spriter animations can be imported with full feature support in Unity and Construct 2 [brashmonkey.com] . There are also free, open source, fully featured reference implementations for using Spriter files in C# [brashmonkey.com] , C++ [brashmonkey.com] , JavaScript [github.com] , and MonoGame [brashmonkey.com] .. The full version of the Basic Platformer Complete Game Engine for Construct is now available! : The full version of the Basic Platformer Complete Game Engine is has just gone live on Steam here: Feature rich and completely customizable, with a Spriter animated and controlled Player, Boss character, and full menu system. Keep in mind both Spriter Pro and a personal license of Construct 2 or better or a subscription to Construct 3 are required.. New Essentials Art Pack and Essentials Platformer Game Engine are here! : Hi Steam Spriter owners, We're pleased to announce we've finally added the Essentials version of the RPG WorldMaker Environment Art Pack to your Spriter DLC. For everyone who already owns Spriter Pro on Steam, you can find all your Essentials art packs in the following directory: /SteamApps/common/Spriter/Art Packs/Essentials You can see the full version of the Art Pack here: Similarly, we've just released a complete platformer game engine for use in Construct 2 or 3. You can find the Essentials version here: Directory>/SteamApps/common/Spriter/ConstructBasicPlatformerEngineEssentials The full version of his engine will be released on Steam December 20th and will have an introductory discount of 30 percent off. Don't forget, this Game Engine requires both Spriter and a personal license or better of Construct 2 or a subscription to Construct 3.

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