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Original Title: Stop Team Go!

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Mystery,Romance,Sci-Fi



















































The villainous Electronique turns Shego's formerly heroic brothers evil, but Shego herself winds up turned from evil to good, resulting in her joining the faculty at Middleton High and becoming Kim's friend.
Electronique, a villain once captured by Team Go, breaks out of prison and seeks to turn the heroes into her evil henchmen with an Attitudinator that changes their brainwaves. However, Electronique zaps Shego as well, not knowing that Shego is already villainous. Shego, now turned good, joins the faculty at Middleton High, becomes Kim's friend, and starts dating fellow teacher Mr. Barkin. Meanwhile, Shego's now-villainous brothers wreak havoc in Go City under the direction of Electronique, and Dr. Drakken, with Shego no longer around to help him, struggles to open a pickle jar.


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