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Original Title: The Darkness

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Horror







































On his 21st birthday, mafia hit man Jackie Estacado is possessed by an ancient demonic force called The Darkness. This further complicates his relationships with his mafia family, a corrupt police department and his childhood love Jenny.
I was an avid fan of the Darkness Comics due to the perfect anti-hero: Jackie Estacado. This game covers his persona fairly well, has a thorough story, and lots of action packed scenes to stuff it up with. My only gripe: I wish there was some way Jackie could move faster in some locations and up the AI for your darklings.

There are only a couple continuity problems and some things that sort of leave you wondering what the developer was thinking. The major problem I had is that no one really seems to react to you appropriately when you dawn the darkness. In fact really the only NPC that does is Eddie Schrote: and he isn't even scared of it.

Aside from that, there is nothing more fun then going into creeping dark and eating the faces off a few guys. When we put this game up to a 104" projector in our basement theater I had friends and family over watching another friend play it:: they thought it was a full cgi movie and didn't realize it was a video game.

And yes, it is a FPS but not quite the same. This game plays more along the lines of FEAR without the AI of FEAR. There are a lot of situations where you will need to think through logically about how to get past an area, making sure that you have exhausted each of your darkness abilities in order to do so. The Darkness is constantly interacting with you, there are a multitude of quest-types in the game, and you get the colorful language of a modern Italian-New Yorker.

I will just put it this way. I hate consoles and this game is the only reason I bought the Xbox360 Another fantastic, gritty, story driven experience by the creators of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, The Darkness is a unique shooter that plays by its own rules for better or for worse.

(+) - This game has style in spades. New York is even grimier and foreboding than ever. - The voice acting is top notch. Kirk Acevedo nails the lead with an abundance of world weariness and charm. His monologues throughout are a nice touch; very amusing. Mike Patton is amazing as ever as the sinister Darkness. The fact that it is a 2 man show for the most part makes the performances even more impressive. Kudos to the actors behind Jackie's grandpa, Butcher, Captain Eddie Shrote, and Jenny as well. - The story is one of the best you'll see in a shooter especially. Jackie and his less than savory acquaintance have a certain uniqueness to them - You need to actually aim well(though there is a little assistance) to win the day. You will get smoked if you go guns blazing, as the ai's aim is actually quite precise in comparison to its easier peers. - The minions and powers are all very amusing and fun to use. - Doesn't pull any punches with the subject matter without getting over-the-top. - The soundtrack fits the mood perfectly.

(-) - The surreal World War 1 Darkness sequences were visually arresting but confusing to traverse; I couldn't wait to get back to the real world. - Though having a sense of realism, besides involving hellish creatures that rip people apart, the clunkiness of movement made the game as frustrating as it was fun at times. - Doesn't really explain much at times, leaving to some annoying sequences that will make you slap yourself upside then head when you figure them out(Okay, this might be a personal problem on behalf of yours truly) - Hard to see what's going on. There are certain moments involving flashing lights that will make you wonder if they are purposefully trying to give you a seizure.

These somewhat minor gripes aside, I recommend this experience to anyone who like shooters, story-driven games, comic books, and a shadowy aesthetic.



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