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Original Title: Universal Soldier: The Return

Genge: Action,Sci-Fi
















































Luc Devereux is now a technical expert who is working with the government with his partner Maggie, who's been through countless hours of training and combat with him, to refine and perfect the UniSol program in an effort to make a new, stronger breed of soldier that is more sophisticated, intelligent, and agile. All of the new Unisols, which are faster and stronger than their predecessors, are connected through an artificially intelligent computer system called SETH, a Self-Evolving Thought Helix. When SETH discovers that the Universal Soldier program is scheduled to be shut down because of budget cuts, he takes matters into his own "hands" to protect himself. Killing those who try to shut off his power, and unleashing his platoon of super-soldiers, led by the musclebound Romeo, SETH spares Deveraux, only because Deveraux has the secret code that is needed to deactivate a built-in program that will shut SETH down in a matter of hours. With the help of a hacker named Squid, SETH takes human form. Not only must Luc contend with ambitious reporter Erin, who won't leave his side, but Luc also must contend with General Radford, who wants to take extreme measures to stop SETH. SETH has also kidnapped Luc's injured 13-year-old daughter Hillary, and is now holding her hostage. Luc is the only person who can rescue Hillary, because Luc knows firsthand how a UniSol thinks, feels, and fights.
Universal Soldier II continues the story of Luc Deveraux, who has survived his experiences as a Universal Soldier, recovered, and is now working as a technical expert on a government project to revive and improve the Universal Soldier training program. When S.E.T.H., the supercomputer controlling the Soldiers, goes haywire and takes over, Luc is the only one who can battle this elite team of deadly, near-perfect warriors.
Do yourself a favor and don't rent this piece of trash. The first Universial Soldier was pretty good. It had Van Damme, Dolph Lungren, and a plot! This piece of garbage has no story-line what-so-ever, not to mention horrid acting! I could have died when I saw Goldberg do wrestling moves on two nurses. The two nurses were huge wrestler types that looked like they weighed about 300 lbs each. When the hell do you ever see 300lb nurses at any hospital? This also didn't tie into the first one at all. I thought that Van Damme was an undead soldier? Now he is a normal person with a kid? Huh? Hello?
The original Universal Soldier did not raise the bar too high for its successor, but having just sat all the way through it I would say that number two perhaps only just scrapes over.

Although the production values were impressive, including some "explosive" pyrotechnics, the storyline was fairly lame and I came out of the movie with the rare feeling that I *wished* I hadn't spent that money on that movie.

Hardly a Kubrick ... Universal Soldier 2 gets my generous vote of 2/10. Plenty of bone-crunching brawn, but not a brain cell in sight.
Not at all. "Universal Soldier 2: Brothers in Arms" (1998) and "Universal Soldier 3: Unfinished Business" (1999) are set in a standalone continuity loosely based on the first feature film, "Universal Soldier" (1992). So you don't require to watch the two TV movies produced by Rigel Entertainment in order to understand the events of "The Return". Not anymore. "Universal Soldier: Regeneration" (2009) has retconned "The Return" to the point none of the events of the movie ever happened in the main Universal Soldier continuity. "The Return" is now a self-contained alternate universe.

  • For instance, in "Regeneration" it is strongly hinted that Luc Deveraux never reverted to the "human" state, nor such process is ever possible to accomplish.

  • In "Regeneration" it is apparent Luc never had a daughter as once depicted in "The Return", nor he seems able to psychologically adjust to human life again and mate as a "normal" people.

  • Even more importantly, in "Regeneration" it is officially stated that the N.G.U. project ("The White Tower") is just the second attempt at producing UniSols, not the third one.

  • Finally, you can notice in "The Return" Luc displays white/gray streaks in his hair that are nowhere to be seen in "Regeneration".

Generally speaking, "Regeneration" totally ignores "The Return" and even contradicts it. Yes, but it's a different role. As further proof "The Return" is set in an alternate universe, while here White plays the computer S.E.T.H. embedded into a "Super UniSol" body, in the original movie he played a soldier fighting in Vietnam, during 1969. UniSols are revived organisms, not "zombies". They are not dead anymore, and still retain their vital signs and functions, including mating and reproduction. Despite in "The Return" Luc keeps referring them as "dead", it's metaphorical. They are 100% alive. According to the writer of the movie, and heavily hinted by some dialogues (especially when Luc confronts a delta unit UniSol gone berserk at the beginning of the movie), it seems like he got some residual UniSol physical powers like enhanced strength, speed and resistance. This is further backed-up by the final confrontation with S.E.T.H. It was a domestical flop, but not as bad as some claimed in the past. The movie's real budget was 19 million dollars. It grossed over 10 million dollars in the States, and according to some rumours it went to cash at least 20 million dollars in Europe and Japan. Also, video rentals were massive (14 millions of dollars only in the States) and the film had very good DVD sales. So the movie made some good business, only not as much big as the first feature film. No. Van Damme just wore the UniSol 2500 uniform and gear for some production stills, and one of them worked as template for the movie poster. Luc Deveraux never wore the uniform during the movie, nor he had some reason to do so. Although the movie itself isn't all that violent, two short sequences had to be cut for the UK DVD, in order to follow the strict guidelines of the BBFC, but it is barely noticable.


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