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About This Game

War on a massive scale! Experience fast-paced, large-scale multiplayer tactical combat with explosive vehicular warfare. Choose between 5 professions and take to the battlefield for close quarters combat, vast vehicle battles and terrifying PVE Zombie Survival encounters. Enlist in War Rock for free today!

Key Features:

Choose between five Professions, including Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Assault and Heavy Trooper, each specialized for a different role on the battlefield. Every Profession features a fully customizable load-out of weapons and gear, plus many unique skins and costume pieces that allow you to create your perfect soldier.

Compete in a variety of intense game modes that put strategy and teamwork to the test. Choose between hardcore tactical combat, large-scale battles with ground and air vehicles, and AI Zombie survival, across a list of more than 90 individually-tailored rotating maps.

Always bring the right tools for the job! Choose between dozens of powerful weapons and gear items and support your team on the battlefield with a range of tactical Vehicles. Dominate every battle any way you want with unprecedented freedom.

Make your mark on the War Rock community through Achievements, Ranks, Leaderboards, or fight for dominance in the extensive Clan War system. With regular updates and community events there is always a new challenge waiting to be conquered.


Title: War Rock
Genre: Action, Casual, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer
Dream Execution
Papaya Play
Release Date: 6 Feb, 2019


  • OS: Window 7 / 2000 / XP / Vista
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 6800 / Radeon X550
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 6 GB available space


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War Rock excited to launch on Steam:
Hello Soldiers,

We are beyond excited to launch our warfare here on Steam! With an already existing player base of loyal soldiers, we are looking forward to seeing our community and your gameplay experience grow!

War Rock offers you a variety of game modes, maps, difficulty levels and regular content updates with seasonal items, weapons and fun events with free prizes!

With the recent introduction of the legendary Battle Royale mode, our competitive gameplay experience has peaked like never before and its popularity is growing steadily!

In nowadays’ highly competitive world, it is definitely thanks to our loyal players that War Rock has been able to stick around for quite some time now already, which is why we are happy to having accomplished a good amount of important key points and improvements in favour of our players in order to provide the most enjoyable gameplay possible.

Some of our major accomplishments and what we are still working on include:

  • Currently it is the most hack-free the game has ever been thanks to our anti-cheat system and GM team.
  • The ability to overclock with 3rd party software to gain advantages has been fixed.
  • We have balanced the characters and character parts in terms of stat boosts they provide.
  • We have balanced many of the weapons in-game and we still have some big weapon balance patches in the works.
  • We have introduced a number of FPS improvements, resulting in both better average FPS and fewer overall performance drops.
  • New modes have been released such as: Battle Royale, Tournament Mode, Stealth Mode, Blitzkrieg Mode, Rush Mode, etc.
  • A balance system has been implemented to help distribute players between teams. We are also working to further improve this feature.
  • We have been closing the P2P and F2P gap through balance patches as previously mentioned, making all maps F2P, making more weapons and items accessible to F2P users, implementing a new set of level-up rewards, introducing new achievement rewards and much more.
  • We have a working Clan System, that we are working towards further improving, and we are also working on releasing a new and improved ranking system.
Thanks to the collaboration with EasyAntiCheat, our system is protected like never before, making it difficult for hackers and cheaters to disturb the integrity of the game.

As we are expecting and hoping for our community to grow, we look forward to welcoming Steam users on our battlefields!

See you in-game!

. In Hail of Shamrocks - March Content Update:

Hello Soldiers,


Spring is on the way and War Rock’s not-so-Saint Patrick has brought a bunch of green yet deadly items and events to the battlefield!

Celebrate this year’s St. Patrick’s Day in a hail of shamrocks and bullets and check out all the brand-new items and system changes we have for you!
Expose yourselves to the deadly hail and enjoy the celebrations!

Drop by the update's official website to check out all the info you need to know:

May the Luck o the Irish stand by your sides!

-Team War Rock
. Easter Hunt:

Hello Soldiers,

Try a different kind of egg hunt for this Easter!
Take up arms with the brand-new Bunny Weapons for the Easter Hunt!

Pick up these Easter treats while checking out the system changes we’ve made for you!

Come join us in the spring celebrations:

Happy Easter and good luck on your hunt!

- Team War Rock. Battle Royale - Updates:

Have you been able to dominate the battlefield as a lone soldier and become the glorious last survivor? In case you missed some of the content in our most recent patch, the last man standing is now not only rewarded with Dinar and EXP, but as well with a top spot on the leaderboard and some amazing weekly rewards!

If you manage to win at least 1 match of Battle Royale during the week you will be rewarded with:

• Military Supply Key - 1x
• Platinum Key - 1x
• Dinar 20% UP - 7 days
• M16A4 Phoenix - 7 days
• MP7A1 ACU - 7 days

If you are able to emerge victorious in the battlefield during 10 matches of any given week you will be rewarded with:

• Military Supply Key - 1x
• Platinum Key - 1x
• Stamina Stick - 7 days
• 8th Slot - 7 days
• 5th Slot - 7 days

That's right soldiers, your eyes have not mistaken you, if you are able to win 10 Battle Royale matches each week we will reward you with 7 days of 5th and 8th slot FOR FREE!

We are also displaying new User Info while in the Battle Royale waiting room. You can see how many matches you have played, how many times you finished 1st, how many times you finished top 3, your win rate, your total kills in Battle Royale, the highest kill streak you managed to obtain in a single match, and your overall kill / death ratio for this mode!

You are also able to take a quick look the stats of your opponents before the match starts. You can show off how much of a veteran you are, or you can play the underdog card and nobody will see you coming...

Lastly, we introduced a new ranking page specifically for Battle Royale. Who is the best? You can take a look at our new ranking page to find out, but the only real way to find out is to jump into a match of Battle Royale today!

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